Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tanunda to Kapunda

A great day greeted us at Kapunda, with clear skies and a wind that wasn't too cold.
The troops gather
The German theme was evident in some, German WW1 coal scuttle helmets and rather esoteric in others, a man with red spots on his arms and face. We had Gretchen, a hamburger, a Porschota and some German bells that soon drove most of us mad (and were silenced).
A quick trip across the Barossa to the start point at Smyth Road, where the group had finished the previous month.
Quickly, the Heysen HotShot was announced, a close tussle between one who forgot the Roses chocolates and the one who actually brought them, Carol Homewood, who became the winner.
Carol parades her trophy.
Then the briefing form Russell, which was true to form brief and we were off.
The walk covers lots of back roads and road reserves and could not truly be called bush walking, and so it was.
Liebig Road, then Roennfeldt Road, and it was here we stopped for morning tea, opposite a wine barrel store.
Morning tea
Peter, the providore, miraculously presented the party a variety of fresh German cakes for our prediction. And mightily enjoyed they were.
From morning tea it was all downhill to the new works around the Sturt Highway, through the underpass, with its odd footpath, that Vicki managed to negotiate and on to Greenock where the leader made the mistake of announcing the presence of a toilet. This led to most of the female members of the party vanishing and staying vanished for quite some time. Some even disappeared into the pub!
Finally, all corralled and we were off, along more of the road reserves, this time north of Greenock.
Finally, we managed to get onto a road reserve that almost looked like a walking track, until this popped us out beside a vineyard.
There was some confusion amongst the leaders as the Trail markers seemed to disappear, and in true fashion, they announced lunch to avoid having to deal with the problem!

Lunch proved just how resourceful people can be, when Dana produced from a six pack of German bear, cold, and proceeded to deliver some to all the fathers on the walk. Even some non-fathers were able to participate.
Trail found it was off to finish the walk, with more road reserves, some crop dodging and walking past the highest trail marker on the entire Trail (tall enough to reach above crops).
Our reward a Golden North delivered by our support drive, Michelle Foster and then back on the Trail skirting some pretty impressive erosion gullies until we re-joined those damn road reserves, however these were special.
Why? Well the planting along them are part of the original Friends Greening group efforts of about 20 years ago and it was delightful to walk down an avenue of trees  many 6-10 metres high. Just shows what can be done with a little effort.
Then into Kapunda, past the rifle range, the old Kapunda mine and back to the cars.
How far? 26.6 km over 6 hours and 30 mins.
This link leads you to my photos of the day.
I can certainly add a link to your, just let me know.

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