Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hallet to E E George Road Quarry

Another cold night, yet a brilliantly clear crisp morning.
The troops gathered at Paxton Square for the final car convoy of the weekend out to meet the bus at Booborowie, then a quick trip back to Hallett.
Russell leading the choir
The morning oration over, it was across the Barrier Highway, adroitly avoiding the grader, and past the Hallett Railway station, now one of the Trails huts, that overnight accommodated some of the E2E5 party.
The last sit down toilet fro the day proved too much of an attraction for some...
Toilet attraction
Then using one of probably the Trails most over-engineered stiles, courtesy of the SACBH, on the entire Trail and we were off.
What Style, what a stile?
A day of road walking, over gentle hill and dale, then ensued. The weather varying between sunny and overcast, but generally windy and cold.
Morning tea amongst a revegetation project, on the road verge, where some of the trees were in the process of being strangled by their tyre collars. Not one of our projects, but food for thought-don't use tyres!!.
We were relieved of the road, by some "follow the fence" walking, however this too soon gave way to them damn roads again where a decision was made to walk on to our cars for lunch.
The quarry, in spite of its dire warning signs, provided a suitably sheltered spot for lunch for some, whilst others headed off to Burra to gain sustenance from the Burra Bakery, where the last Cornish pasties were consumed with relish, prior to the trip home.
Total distance for the day 19.88km about the same as Saturday

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