Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wirrabara to Murraytown

Second walk of the season for E2E 5, and it starts with a gathering of the clan at the Mt Remarkable Hotel for dinner.
We are scattered all over Melrose and some are even further afield.
The weather does not look good and it rains heavily through the night.
The morning, however, whilst overcast isn't too bad.
The meeting place just out of Murraytown looks rather bogey, the bus slips trying to turn, however manages the task.
A quick trip down to Wirrabara and out to Marner's Road for the oration, delivered in fine style by Russell.
Oration started by...


Information imparted and it's off along the reroute necessitated by the closure of the Wirrabara forest due to the recent fires.
As road walking goes it's not too bad, with pleasant outlook across the fields as we motor along at 5.4 kph moving average.
A man in a field gives us an amusing moment as he keeps quite still and has great control over his dog, If only the dogs of RSB were as obedient.
The still man and his dog

We hit Main North Road and take a morning tea, aided by some "sit-downs" provided by Michelle from the support vehicle.
Then off again and we finally come back onto the Trail proper at Wongyarra.
Mount Remarkable looks closer, yet is clouded in mystery, well low cloud anyway.
The mobile maintenance team put a marker back together with some ingenuity, whilst the main mob walk on to a hill-top lunch.
Lunch is cut short by the arrival of the rain and a wet final couple of kilometres takes us back to our cars and thence dry accommodation and preparation for our evening meal.
All dolled up, with the J theme in mind, we gather at the Northern Start Hotel where it's a puzzle just who is what and who is who.
There's a Jigsaw, a couple of geishas, a jester or two, Judge Judy, a jelly fish, a Jamaican and a man in a bra!!
Judge Judy held court, though the session was brief with the man in the bra defending an accusation of impropriety to a favourable outcome.

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