Sunday, August 3, 2014

Broadview to Woolshed Flat

Another cold morning the mercury bottoming out at -4!!
The convoy from Quorn to Waukerie Creek and then an anxious wait for the bus.

An anxious wait for the bus
Twenty minutes late, the first bus had broken down, and we were all loaded and on our way to Broadview.
Some excitement when the bus stalled on the railway crossing at Quorn and then an interesting three point turn with a pause for the driver to answer his phone, stall the bus again and finally arrive at Broadview.
A very short oration, then off up to join the Trail, followed by an early morning tea, as Karen had misplaced her cameral, and needed to back-track to get it.

Caterpillar with a butterfly!
Then the walk through some truly wonderful creek lines, water flowing and caterpillar crawling!
After a slight navigational mishap, it was up, past Catninga Tank and onto Mount Brown.
Happily, Heather and Brian Daniel were working at the tank and were more than happy to chew the fat as we paused to catch breath.

The climb to Mount Brown was, as usual, quite exhausting, however the rewards are great with all round view and a very welcome lunch.
Then it was all downhill from there, via the well graded National Geographic Trail until we met Waukerie Creek at Olive Grove where a short rest was taken.
We were all pretty tired at that point, yet we had to negotiate the Creek back to our cars.
Long drive home, arriving in the dark.

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