Sunday, October 7, 2012

The first weekend away Kapunda to Peter's Hill Day 2

A bad night's sleep for some, with an hour less, and for some due to intrusive music, yet again, from the local club.
It was chilly too, with the early start, frost on the ground and cold hands, however in spite of this all arrived ready for yet another day's AND it looked simply brilliant, blue sky and a charming mist.
Russell's Sunday Sermon
A shorter day was predicted, yet with some truly lovely walking, less road, more road reserve and even more off-track walking to be rewarded by views to blow the mind.
The first part of the morning we headed towards the Peter's Hill feature stopping to have a leisurely  morning tea on a road reserve before turning north  to walk parallel to it, past a new vineyard with an intriguing dam wall and some rather odd structures.
Are they art? or just large wood piles!
 A chat with the owners, whom Rob knew, failed to get an answer, though perhaps we didn't ask the question.
Soon after, began the initially sedate climb to Peter's Hill, followed by a more serious pull.
The reward, stunning views in every direction, west to Riverton and beyond and to the east, Marrabel and the Tothill Ranges (we will meet them again in another episode).

Peter's Hill can by sunny and windy, wet and windy, cold and windy BUT rarely warm and windless. We were blessed, as it was just that, with time to pause, catch out breath, fill in the logbook and move on to Marschall's Hut for lunch.
Marschall's Hut, one of the gems of the Heysen Trail, providing overnight accommodation for walkers, with a tank, half full, and a proper sit-down dunny (put to good use).
A long lunch ensued, as we had plenty of time and only a short walk to our cars. Some took the time to check out the cemetery down the hill, whilst others just laid back and enjoyed the perfect spring day.
Of course a leisurely lunch deserves a steep climb to follow, and we had just that and then a short stroll, though waist high canola, to the cars.
Everyone survived their first weekend away AND in spite of some not sleeping well, had a good time and will come back for "Country and Western" based at Riverton ( a much quieter town) next month.

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