Saturday, November 3, 2012

Penultimate E2E 5 Peters Hill to Gerkies Gap.

Curio, the rodeo legend!

And so we come to the second last walk of the season, and the second weekend away for the E2E5'ers.
The Riverton Caravan Park seemed to have the nod, as most of the early arrivals seemed to arrive there.
After some initial confusion, the cabin allocation took place with us all in pretty close together, great for the obligatory predinner Happy Hour's.
Not all walkers were in the CP and not all took the Friday afternoon off, nevertheless, the early arrivals took themselves off for a dinner at the Riverton Hotel, followed by the obligatory post dinner drinks.
Then occurred the "bra" incident, when on the way back from the showers I discovered a black object on the path, that materialised into a bra. Realising fairly quickly it didn't fit, too small, I was obliged to find the rightful owner, which I soon did, to hoots of laughter from the lossee and her cabin mate.
Saturday dawned overcast and rather threatening as we gathered at the meeting place, Gerkie's Gap. There was some consternation initially as it appeared, we had some walkers absent, including the Cameron Clan,  however dust on the horizon soon materialised in  to the latecomers and Michael, the bus driver,  had us on our way.
The Country & Western theme had fooled some, as there was not much "theme" in evidence, though a horse and some suitable hats made their appearance.
At the start point, Russell gave the pre-walk oration, quickly followed by Vicki with the Heysen HotShots award (see HotShots page), deservedly won by Esther, for her return to her Haight Ashbury days, as a hippy. Special mention to Peter Wynen for letting his hair down for the occasion.
It was then off, up Pfitzners Road, with the weather continuing to look ominous, until it actually started to rain, leading to the appearance of umbrella's (suitable) and rain jackets (unsuitable). The rain failed to dampen spirits. In fact it failed to dampen anything, it was so brief!.
Passing St Agnes Catholic Church and cemetery, made pause for a detour to examine the old graves and the fine stained glass in the church. A poignant reminder of former times.
Then off to the Marrabel Hotel where the ice-cream fanatics bought out the pub's entire stock of Golden North and some even had a beer, in spite of the early hour.
Across the road was Curio, the rodeo legend, whom I gather was unrideable. No wonder with that bloody rod shoved up his bum.
We then followed a series of back roads, inexorably heading for the south Tothills, along Aunt Sue's Road (who was Aunt Sue) and lunch, where we were spoiled with strawberries and cream provided by Russell and Chris. What a treat!!
After lunch a relatively brief walk to the cars, in ever increasing heat and a mad dash back to the Marrabel for that cleansing ale or two.
I bet the licensee was pleased to see us! Best takings for a Saturday for years!
Home to the caravan park, shower and Happy (two) Hours, held at the woman's refuge. Well there seemed to be lots of women taking refuge there anyway.
Well oiled, we finally made our way to the Riverton Bowling Club, luckily a hop, step and a jump away.
At the Bowling Club a variety of interpretations of the Country and Western theme made their appearance including Chief Dribbling  Stream.
There we were, fed by the Bowling Club, watered by the Bowling Club, who still do the butcher of port,  and entertained by the Purcell Dancers.
Dancing over, most scurried back to their various abodes, for sleep, with an early start looming, to beat the heat.
Some stalwarts retired to Peter Clark's for a distillery tour of Kangaroo Island, tasting some pretty exotic brews before wobbling off to hot cabins and bed.

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