Sunday, November 4, 2012

End 2 End 5 Gerkie's Gap to Webb Gap

The pre-walk oration
With a hot day forecast, it was an early start, with wakey wakey at 6.00AM for a 7.00Am departure. This of course meant dealing with the previous night's hangovers, having breakfast, undertaking ablutions, getting ready for the walk and packing the car.
Finally, all readied, caffiened and paracetomolled up we were off, in convoy, following Russell though Saddleworth, Manoora, Waterloo and finally to meet the bus at Webb Gap. Along the way we picked ups some strays, notably Vicki with Jack and motor bikes in tow, David and Jannette.
At the meeting spot, with some consternation, I found I had left my CamelBack in the fridge at Riverton. Russell then realised he had left some of his water bottles there also. And we call ourselves leaders!!
In the bus, the sun streaming through the windows, predicted a hot day.
A brief oration from Russell, and then off to our first real hill of the weekend, Gerkie's Gap, and our first real taste of the Tothill's, nice road reserves, with plenty of stiles or cocky's gates to negotiate.
Frequent rendezvous with Michelle ensured hydration was taken care of, with the mercury rising steadily, as the morning progressed.
Morning tea at Zadow Road, with Weston Wagon Wheels as the treat of the day, continuing the Country and Weston Theme!
Then the short slog up Smith Hill to admire one of the Friend's new tanks, installed only a few weeks ago, unfortunately yet to have any water.
The views from Smith Hill across to the wind turbines were pretty good, though we lingered only briefly in the heat.

It was then a lot of "Walkers Follow the Fence" until Margaret tried to scalp herself (fitting for a western theme) with a branch, and had the blood to prove it. Much sopping and Betadining later, and with some repairs to John's feet, we were off once again.
An early lunch was called as the head injury and heat had taken their toll of Margaret who was feeling "off" and the cavalry was called to undertake a rescue, which Michelle managed with finesse.
It was then the final slog in 37 degree heat to the cars and a cleansing ale for those that had an Esky AND an ale.
Some headed back to the Manoora Pub for a drink, some headed to the Wheatsheaf, and some just headed, well....home.
In spite of the heat, a great weekend, and the prelude for many more to come on our adventure towards Parachilna.

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