Saturday, May 4, 2013

Webb Gap to Burra Road

A cold start with mist, wind and threatening rain greeted the regrouped E2E5'ers after the summer break.
Far cry from the last walk of 2012!!
Clearly summer was long gone, and the brave T-shirt wearers quickly donned more appropriate clothing. Tank tops were not considered appropriate on this occasion.
Russell delivered the oration with his usual considered words and presented the Hot Shots Award to Jo Purcell for her dancers at Riverton see Heysen Hotshots and Video.
There were many old faces and some new and the Burra Branch of the Friends was well represented.
It was an "off" up Webb Gap Road with a steady climb to the Gap proper, with very chilly winds in our faces, yet sweat on our brow with the exertion.
The Gap topped, some wandered off to check the new tank, installed last year by some of the E2E5 party, namely Albert Schmitke, Peter Wynen, Colin Edwards and Julian Monfries. The tank was only 1/3rd full reflecting the poor rains the area has had over summer.
It was then off down the hill, with one new walker slipping on the gravel surface and cutting her knee.
Hugh Greenhill, Burra Branch & the tank.

We turned north up Range Road to parallel the Tothills, and parked ourselves on the side of the road for morning tea. In keeping with the "Monster" theme Jo (of Hotshots fame) distributed "monster" snakes to the walkers.
Jo with monster snakes
Then off again with a climb back through the Tothills over Niblet Gap, with views over a Apoinga Lagoon and to the wind farms on the adjacent hills.
The weather started to improve and by lunch many were back in short sleeves and enjoying the sun and many and varied "monster" treats that were on offer, from the cookie monster among others.
At Tothill Gap the group were treated to using the new reroute that avoided a rather long road walk. The downside was the useless hills that this entailed, however not long after one our huts, Huppatz, was reached, where a rest stop was called, and the toilet made very useful.
An opportunity to hand our more snakes was taken.
The group then undertook the climb of the weekend, guess what? Over the Tothills once again with a pretty steep descent back to the cars.
Burra was hosting the Antique Fair, so our evening dinner was out of town, at Mount Bryan, courtesy of the local community.
The community hall was very impressively decorated and for the first time we could recall, fresh flower were on the tables and an enjoyable meal was partaken.
Some entered into the theme and arrived suitably clad again highlighting the various interpretations of the "monster" theme.
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