Sunday, May 5, 2013

Burra Road to World's End

An earlier start, saw us gathering outside Paxton Cottages, where some had had a rather disturbed night with loud music from the local hotel, whilst others had slept like the proverbial babes.
The E2E5 team gathered at World's End and there were some anxious moments until the bus arrived, albeit on time, yet later than we had expected.
The World's End gathering.
We were duly dropped off at Burra Road, and once again Russell delivered the eulogy!! Impressing upon walkers the need to contact landowners if they planned to do catch-up walks that transited private land access the Trail.
Then off we went following the fence line, and crossing the Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline, with some using unique techniques to manage the crossing.

Some lamb mustering was undertaken, as a lamb frightened by the group was separated from it mum. Some pretty good herding by Michelle, finally reunited them and they were seen happily grazing together on Koo-Owie Gap Road.
Finally we made it off the fences and into the Hallelujah Hills, initially along Reed Creek, then picking our way along another creek bed until finally popping out onto the plains to the east.
What followed was the obligatory road walk until we hit the Burra Creek and World's End with a fine walk up the creek and back to our cars where Jerry, reluctantly, yet deservedly, received the accolades for finishing the Trail for the second time!!
Jerry does us proud.
It was then lunch down on the creek bank or a quick take off for those wanting to be home early.
Well deserved lunch

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