Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dust Hole Creek Road to Dares Hill Summit Road

An earlier start, an earlier rendezvous and an interesting bus ride to our start point, where the driver had to reconnoitre the crossing at Newickie Creek to make sure he could get the bus over the ford. With the help of a professional tree-holder this was managed without too much of a problem.
It's that man again!!
Russell regaled us with the walk information and then off we went, along another bloody fence line.
Those at the back were greeted by a rather beautiful olive green snake that slithered across their path after nearly 30 walkers had been through. Luckily it was more interested in getting out of the way than to be bothered with us.
A stiff climb found the group on top of a ridge with great views over the mallee and back to Mount Bryan.
Mt Bryan in the distance
A steep descent then ensued and into the mallee proper with a brisk saunter to Newickie Creek and morning tea.
Newickie Creek was flowing as it usually does and the water looked inviting, so much so that Chris Meiborg almost fell in taking pictures.
The interesting dugout on the northern bank has everyone intrigued, with Jerry telling us its more recent history and association with some Vietnam war veterans.

At this point the battery in my camera failed and I was unable to take any more pictures, however luckily this did not stop us walking on.
The day heated up and a welcome lunch at Caroona Shelter was enjoyed, as was the water replenishment provided by our ever trusty Michelle.
A brisk walk north through the mallee brought us to Tourilie Creek and the most easterly point of the Trail and then into Tourilie Gorge with evidence of the old coach road from Hallett to Mannum still very evident.
Finally the last hill of the day out of the gorge and a brisk walk back to the cars to finish a long day of 25.5km.
Luckily, the Black Sheep was open on our arrival back at Burra so a coffee top-up could be obtained prior to the drive home.
Now we can get back onto the Trail in proper sequence again!!

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