Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wandallah to Dust Hole Creek Road

Well the weather gods have been kind and only a little rain has fallen around Burra so we are go to complete the most easterly part of the Trail.
We are all over the place with walkers variously at Clare, Mount Bryan East School and of course Burra.
There has been some jockeying for accommodation and a bit of gazumping and it looks like these critters were the gazumpers.
Looking pretty happy at Peppers
Friday night saw a group at the good old Royal Exchange, in north Burra for a meal and a catch-up.
The next morning a fine looking day, and the group assembled out on the Morag Road for the long traverse to Dust Hole Creek Road, around some interesting wash-aways and plenty of bull dust.
Onto the bus and back to Wandallah and a brief walk to the shelter and morning tea. Exhausting this sitting on the bus.
With the completion of MT, Russell delivered the oration, with Vicki awarding the Heysen Hotshots to David for looking more like a bogan than a hillbilly, the previous month and finally we were off, following the fence-line as is our want around Burra.
The Oration

Unfortunately, The fence line goes up and down, then up and down and finally up and down, what one of our walkers has previously called "useless hills" in that any height gained is almost immediately lost!
After what seemed like an interminable northern fence line the Trail turned east along a large erosion gully and a well deserved lunch, with the obligatory chocolate coated coffee bean, courtesy of Peter.
We met Jerry who had begged off the first part of the walk with a sore back and then on emerging onto White Hill Road our dependable support drive, Michelle, presented us with water top up.
A brief road walk, or not so brief for those with sore feet, then a sharp turn east to arrive at Blackjack Shelter and a welcome toilet stop.
Blackjack Shelter
There after a short few km's back to the welcome sight of the cars and the dusty return trip back to our various abodes.
For some it was a return after dark and plans for a happy hour dissolved in an orgy of showers and dressing for dinner. Some more tired than others just didn't bother, so the assembled mass at The Black Sheep was more like assemble few, with walkers dribbling in.
The theme seemed rather poorly supported with not many making an effort, however Judy McAdam came to the forefront as Half Woman/Half man and some bloke turned up in a  truly frightening outfit!
Half and half or Halfwit?

The food was particularly good and few could say they did not have enough to eat

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